Why I Lay Down

By M’Shai S. Dash

I have a pain that is able

To nestle itself in my bones

It wriggles into me

A barb-bodied slug

The wound it leaves is a festering groove

And blood cannot congeal there

In that wet, airless space

I own a pain that is massive

Because it only eats at night

I try to sneak around it

While it slurps its spoonfuls in the dark

But it is an insidious jelly

Too slippery to climb

Nor can I swim through it

Its ooze would fill my lungs

There is a pain that rides me

Tentacles leeched onto my back

It is heavier than a sleeping person

I cannot forget it is there

Because its suction makes me wince

But if I pry it off too hastily

It will tear me all to bits.

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