Foolish Things

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I think it’s wild that when someone splits from someone they’ve loved for a zillion years they often say something like ‘I don’t know how to explain it…he/she just makes me feel alive.’  We deal each other these severe blows by saying to one another that the joys and triumphs of the years we spend together, as hard as those years may have been, are nothing compared to the thrill of brand new experiences with someone else.  

The reality of it is, seeing someone new always seems alluring.  Of course everything seems rosy and exhilarating when you’re with them.  Fantasies are supposed to be fantastic, aren’t they?  Plus, it’s easy to have a peaceful and fun existence with someone you don’t share anything with.  There’s no financial headache because you don’t own anything together.  There’s no lack of privacy because you don’t have any children together.  There’s no weariness because there’s nothing you’re fighting for together, nothing you’re trying to hold on to against all the odds.  There’s just this newness.  This lust, excitement and freedom so powerful that we’re willing to throw everything away to step away from the mundane.  But then what?  Then you eventually accumulate the aforementioned things with someone new and the same problems arrive.  Because you’ve moved on with someone but you’re still the same person you’ve always been.  You’re still the seagull chasing glittery objects on a beach littered with imperfect yet happy families.

That’s what Foolish Things is about.  I did all these awesome things that I could’ve done with my husband had I not been so selfish.  Sure, it would’ve taken more planning and a little extra money, but aren’t those things minuscule when you realize that in return you’re getting the chance to experience the person you love in brilliant new ways?

Or.  Maybe not.  Love is not by any means ‘one size fits all.’  If the person you parted ways with was and is an utter and complete bastard, jumping ship with only the clothes on your back is a wise decision. I both understand and respect that.

But as for me?  Jumping ship was indeed a foolish thing. ❤

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