M’Shai S. Dash is a blogger, digital content creator, and freelance writer from Washington, D.C.  She began writing music and poetry as a child, and has recently completed a work of poetry called Woman In Sujud. After appearing in PBS’s Legacy: Black and White in America (2007), she began speaking publicly about social justice issues, the contributions of people of color in speculative fiction, and the power of digital storytelling in a social media driven world. Dash has spoken at the Apollo Theater (2008), Charles Sumner School (2012), Duke Ellington School of the Arts (2012), and Blerdcon DC (2017).  She was also a featured presenter for Blogger Week DC at Trinity University College (2017). Most recently, she spoke on a panel about afrofuturism and pop culture at the AFO Theater in New York (2018) and gave a commencement speech at MiraCosta College (2019) to prospective students from the graduating class of Mira Costa High School.

Dash writes about race, pop culture, and mental wellness.  Her writing has been featured in Blavity,  For Harriet,  and Madame Noir. Her short stories have appeared in The Scribes of Nyota: Our Voices, Our Imagination, A Compendium, and in the Awakenings Foundation online magazine. She is currently a staff writer and content curator for, and a co-host on Black Sci-fi TV, a public access television show which airs on PhillyCam. Her debut collection of speculative fiction stories, Quirky Black Sci-Fi Tales: Volume 1 is out now.

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