Syce Game x Cupset DC: A Recap

Cupset DC, an arts and culture events marketing brand, partnered with Syce Game and Bud Light for their second C.U.P.S party of the year this past Sunday. I’d received my early invite from Bronson Beverly (AKA Dubb B) and was dead set on going when I heard the location for the event was Blind Whino, a trendy art gallery in SW, DC.  I should mention that Dubb B is one of the founders of Syce Game, another local brand that has become a movement since its inception a few years back. And while Syce Game’s brand has been booming, Cupset, founded by Sean Martae Williams and handful of other native DC creatives, has been booming right along with them. They’ve been partnering to create the type of events that the District’s young taste makers crave most. And now that Cupset DC’s C.U.P.S series is back on deck they’re proving that if you’ve got the cups, they’ve got the juice. Read More