Recap of ‘Art Between Us’

“In one pocket, keep a piece of paper that says ‘I am dust.’  In the other pocket, one that says ‘I was made for the world.'” Her poem was about balance and humility.

I didn’t expect to have any fun at an all female poetry reading. And to be fair, I never expect to have any fun at an all female anything. Especially at a coffee shop that’s a known hangout space for guys wearing man-buns and vegan leather jackets with lush infinity scarves.  The reason I ultimately decided to go was to catch up with a few of my Muslim girlfriends I hadn’t seen in ages because I’ve been avoiding my usual place of worship like the plague.  (It’s a long story.  I’m sort of known as a rogue there.  Think, black Muslim version of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride.)  Anyway, I went straight from work dressed in an huge wool shawl,  midi dress and some beaded jewelry–because that’s my chic, literary-type getup–and had the full expectation of vegging out on the back wall of The Potter House’s secluded back room waiting to be lulled into a seated comatose  state from hours of what I assumed would be sappy, mediocre poetry.  I’m pleased to report that my excursion didn’t turn out that way at all. Read More

Foolish Things

Click the image to listen to a makeup poem for dope folk.

I think it’s wild that when someone splits from someone they’ve loved for a zillion years they often say something like ‘I don’t know how to explain it…he/she just makes me feel alive.’  We deal each other these severe blows by saying to one another that the joys and triumphs of the years we spend together, as hard as those years may have been, are nothing compared to the thrill of brand new experiences with someone else.   Read More


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We are pulverized
Hormone-fed, locally grown meat
At the palms of a foul wind
Blowing down from
A tower spewing microscopic bits of amalgam
Until the day we are dust
This is the bottom, baby
Talcum Read More