Galaxies: Give Them Space

People need space. Sometimes they need it without even realizing they do. Only, there are few ways to tell someone to back off without sounding cruel, so most of us just avoid it.


Warp Speed:We’re Failing Our Fast Girls

Every time I hear a story about a young girl engaged in risky behaviors, I feel an urge to reach her in some way.  Anecdotes about my past and the hard lessons I learned about womanhood and self-love always swell just behind my teeth, awaiting the brain signal that would springboard them from my tongue or inspire me to pen an open letter to the young women my grandmother would’ve call “fast girls.” Only, the world doesn’t really need any more open letters, and I’d rather be more of an advocate than a mentor for those girls. That works for me because I was once a “fast girl” myself, hurtling toward an uncertain future at warp speed.

Mini memoir of a Warp Speed Girl:

I survived Washington, D.C. in the ’90s with all of my fingers and toes, no crack addiction (if you grew up in Washington, D.C. during that time you’d know that this was no small feat), and no chronic or incurable illnesses. What I do have is a chemical batch of craziness that trickled down from my father’s side of the family tree like sugar maple sap. Other than that, I’m OK. I even managed to get hitched and give birth to a strapping boy  with a penchant for video games, pizza, and Regular Show. So why revisit my past at all?  Because under all my layers of spackled-on adulthood, I’m still bothered to my bad-girl core by what young girls have to contend with today. I’m especially bothered by this: Read More

Black Dwarf Syndrome: Avoid Hurtling Toward Burnout

Through trial and error, I found a flexible regimen that helps me finish the things I start. When it gets hard for me to stay the course, I just remind myself that the bigger the star, the more fuel it requires to produce light, and I plan to stay lit.


Beautiful Medicine

I’ve discovered that it’s more beneficial to see beyond the beauty of tangible things. It’s also possible to extract a cure for boredom, emptiness, and cynicism from one beautiful experience at a time.


Syce Game x Cupset DC: A Recap

Cupset DC, an arts and culture events marketing brand, partnered with Syce Game and Bud Light for their second C.U.P.S party of the year this past Sunday. I’d received my early invite from Bronson Beverly (AKA Dubb B) and was dead set on going when I heard the location for the event was Blind Whino, a trendy art gallery in SW, DC.  I should mention that Dubb B is one of the founders of Syce Game, another local brand that has become a movement since its inception a few years back. And while Syce Game’s brand has been booming, Cupset, founded by Sean Martae Williams and handful of other native DC creatives, has been booming right along with them. They’ve been partnering to create the type of events that the District’s young taste makers crave most. And now that Cupset DC’s C.U.P.S series is back on deck they’re proving that if you’ve got the cups, they’ve got the juice. Read More