The Void: ScarGate 2017 (On Love)

The an end of a journey is still grimly satisfying because the memory of that finale is sometimes the stamp on our emotional passport we need before we venture to fly elsewhere.  So leap, warp, learn, and love.


Orbit: On Rape, Manifestation, Octavia Butler, and Erykah Badu

Recently I revisited a journal I’d been keeping about the worst event in my life. When I did I discovered that I’d been writing about it in a way that focused mostly on the pain and damage I suffered, but never about my healing process or how much I’d grown.  Further, I believe that I’d unknowingly been fueling my grief and anxiety by doing so. Since then I’ve learned that writing things down is a big step toward manifesting them, so I’ve been using my pen to speak power into moving forward from the trauma.  It works too. In the words of Erykah Badu, Octavia Butler and many others: Write that sh*t down and watch it get real. Read More

Solar: Glow TF Up All Savage Summer ’17

Summertime is in full swing and I truly feel rejuvenated.   For real.   I’m like a fully charged solar panel, running on the accumulated energy from my springtime acts of self-care and my newfound love for the word “no.”   Best of all, there’s a formula to my recent onslaught of joy.   It’s a double dose of no-f*cks-given that I’ve decided to whip out this summer simply because it’s due.  Also, I highly recommend it. Read More

Nebula: Why Everything Falls Apart Before Amazing Things Happen

Before new stars can fully form, some ancient star has to blow itself to bits and be broken down to space dust.  Then those bits and dust just float out there in the darkness looking sparkly and random until they fuse together and birth new stars. But after that, the glow up is inevitable. So fear not. Even if your life feels dismantled and scattered right now, accept it as part of your process. Transitional phases are as necessary as they are scary.  You got this.
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Eclipse: Shaved Heads, Hot Tubs, Nana, and Death

We’re all hurtling toward the same certainty.  (SPOILER ALERT: It’s a dirt nap.) The good news is, that makes everything that’s been giving me anxiety lately seem pretty stupid.  Still, the anniversary of my Nana’s death just passed and it always leaves me emotionally wobbly for a bit. At this point I’ve decided to think of each time I feel this way as an eclipse–an anticipated semiannual event in which most of the light in my life is obscured by unwanted reflections about my own missteps and mortality.   Fun.  Luckily for me, it’s temporary.  Plus, this year I’m using this emotional eclipse to think about the people, things, and thought processes I can stand to do without. I wish I could advise you on how to do this while you’re happy, but it doesn’t seem to work well that way.  So if you’ve got some grief to spare, pull up a chair. Read More