Nebula: Why Everything Falls Apart Before Amazing Things Happen

Before new stars can fully form, some ancient star has to blow itself to bits and be broken down to space dust.  Then those bits and dust just float out there in the darkness looking sparkly and random until they fuse together and birth new stars. But after that, the glow up is inevitable. So fear not. Even if your life feels dismantled and scattered right now, accept it as part of your process. Transitional phases are as necessary as they are scary.  You got this.
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Black Dwarf Syndrome: Avoid Hurtling Toward Burnout

Through trial and error, I found a flexible regimen that helps me finish the things I start. When it gets hard for me to stay the course, I just remind myself that the bigger the star, the more fuel it requires to produce light, and I plan to stay lit.


Do the Math: There’s a Method to Your Madness Even You May Not Understand 

We’re doing a divine sort of math all the time. There are hundreds if not thousands of calculations and estimations being performed throughout our days in the fuzzy, background noise section of our brains. When we’re timing when to cross the street as cars are coming from two directions at different speeds, we are subconsciously working out lengthy equations in our head. We’re able to recognize when one tune resembles the next because pattern recognition is a mathematical skill set that most humans possess. But I hate math, so why should I care? Because math has inadvertently taught me lessons about application and commitment to other aspects of my life, and my engagement and failures with it remind me that there’s math at work in everything.