Foolish Things

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I think it’s wild that when someone splits from someone they’ve loved for a zillion years they often say something like ‘I don’t know how to explain it…he/she just makes me feel alive.’  We deal each other these severe blows by saying to one another that the joys and triumphs of the years we spend together, as hard as those years may have been, are nothing compared to the thrill of brand new experiences with someone else.   Read More

Packing Up the Bachelorette Pad: Things I Learned During My Separation

I wish I could start this off by stating that I’m in a wonderful space now and I’m broaching this subject as a wise, pilates-practicing sage of sound marriage–but I’m not.  My reconciliation with my husband is something I’m wading into with equal measures of caution and excitement, and until I wrap my head around it entirely, I can really only explain how it feels to be moving out of a space I’ve lived in by myself for three years.  As I sit in a living room covered in a layer of boxes filled with books, and plastic tubs filled with old coats and scented candles (I have strange organizational skills) I think about the feelings of loneliness, freedom, restlessness, and rebellion that accompanied me throughout my separation from my husband. I learned a few hard lessons along the way that I feel compelled to share.

First? Being alone can feel glorious…for awhile. Read More